Two Mobitel outlets closed amidst COVID-19 risk

Two Mobitel outlets closed amidst COVID-19 risk

14 July 2020 05:18 pm

Two offices of Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel have been closed as decided by the administration in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Accordingly, the two Mobitel outlets in Duplication Rd, Colombo and Ramanayake Rd will be temporarily closed in designating them as isolated zones, and the employees are set for quarantine. 

Upon query, SLT Mobitel chairman Rohan Fernando said the decision has been made for the health care of the employees and their associates.

In the present, an employee of the Mobitel outlet at Duplication Rd has obtained medical treatment from a doctor in Negombo where the prevalence of the contagion is high.   

The decision to close down the outlets was taken as the aforesaid employee has reported for duty thereafter. Meanwhile, 10 colleagues have also been referred to PCR testing as well. The office at Ramanayake Rd has also been closed on the suspicion that the risk of contagion may rise, Fernando emphasised. 

The two outlets have been referred to the fumigation process by the authorities as well.