Palestine Solidarity Groups in SL condemn Israel unilaterally declaring sovereignty over parts of occupied Palestinian territory in the West Bank!

Palestine Solidarity Groups in SL condemn Israel unilaterally declaring sovereignty over parts of occupied Palestinian territory in the West Bank!

8 July 2020 02:30 am

Palestine Solidarity Groups in Sri Lanka condemn Israel unilaterally declaring sovereignty over parts of occupied Palestinian territory in the West Bank!

Implementation of Israel's false claim of sovereignty is nothing but a ploy for annexation. It is one of the terms used by Israel, the occupying power, to cover up its grave violations of international law and mislead the international community.

The Zionist state ignores the legal status of the Palestinian territory. Despite condemnation by central international bodies, including the U.N. Security Council, the International Court of Justice, and the International Committee of the Red Cross, it continues to occupy lands belonging to Palestinian people. The U.N. has consistently stated, "that annexation would be not only against international law, but it would be a major factor to destabilize the region."

The Zionist regime that began its unilateral annexation process in 1967 continues to expand and consolidate its colonial projects on the occupied territory and is attempting to justify its vile moves with the support of U.S. administration. 

Unilateral measures conducted by Israel to continue imposing illegal facts prevent Palestine's right to exist and to self-determination. The Israeli Annexation Wall and the so-called "settlement blocs" are part of a systematic policy of colonization that aims to destroy the prospects of an independent State of Palestine.

The statement by Zionists that "Palestinians should accept to negotiate based on the U.S. Plan in order to stop annexation" is but a ploy to legitimize annexation of occupied Palestinian territory and cast away the readiness of the people of Palestine to create a just and lasting peace based on a vision of freedom, justice, and equality.  

The U.S. plan is to allow Israel to annex about a third of the West Bank, including major settlement blocs, as well as the strategic and fertile Jordan Valley, the region's breadbasket, on the border with Jordan. However, Palestinians consider the territory captured by Israel from Jordan in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war is a major part of a future Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as its capital.

Meanwhile, Zionist troops continue their masters' policy of shoot first and ask questions later, with full impunity - a brutal and racist system of structural violence that treats Palestinian lives and rights with abject disdain.

This intended action by the Zionist state is nothing but a process of ethnic cleansing, through a slow genocide of the Palestinian people living in these areas and the annexation will render Palestinians as non-citizens in an Israeli apartheid state. Further, the Palestinians living in these territories will be landlocked with no access to any borders. 

Moreover, the move disregards human life, human rights, and international law. Furthermore, it will also destroy the possibilities of a renewal of negotiations and lead to severe tensions in the region. 

We call upon all progressives, Socialists; Democrats all over the world to condemn the offensive scheme of Zionists supported by U.S. administration and express our solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle to free Palestine for its people. 

We the undersigned organizations of Sri Lanka,

Call upon all progressive people in the world to strengthen their forces to fight against imperialist aggression and its vile agendas, and determine to defeat it to make this world a beautiful place for all to live in.

Victory to Palestinian people’s legitimate Rights!
Victory to free independent Sovereign Palestine!

On behalf of the Palestine solidarity Groups in Sri lanka
01. Peoples’ Liberation Front –JVP Sri Lanka
02. National Fisheries Solidarity Movement, Sri Lanka
03. YMCA of Pamunugama, Sri Lanka
04. JanawabodayaKendraya (JK)
05. Kithusara Group
06. Jesus Today Group
07. Born To Win Relationships (BTWR)
08. Left Voice - Sri Lanka
09. United Federation of Labour
10. Desha Vimukthi JanathaPakshaya (People's Party for Liberation of Country)
11. Inter Religious Alliance for National Unity
12. Free Media Movement (FMM)
13. Paltra
14. Sri Lanka Journalists for Global Justice
15. Sramabimani Kendraya
16. Peace and Solidarity Organization Sri Lanka