Sampath Bank expresses its regrets on the head scarf incident!

Sampath Bank expresses its regrets on the head scarf incident!

3 July 2020 06:13 pm

A video that has been circulating via social media platforms on an incident that took place in a local bank has become viral. The media indicated security officials at a Sampath Bank preventing an account holder of the bank from entering the premises as she was wearing a headscarf.

In the video it shows a man questioning the guards about there behavior, the guards answer that they were been instructed not to let anyone wearing head scarfs enter the bank for security concerns.

Several employees of the bank are then seen coming out and requesting the identification of the account holder.
The video shows her refusing to submit any identification, saying that she has visited this bank building earlier and have made transactions with the bank.

This incident has taken place in the Sampath Bank - Dehiwala branch yesterday(02).

Sampath Bank today expressed regret following the incident. The bank has posted a statement on Facebook regarding this incident apologizing from the public and saying that they will take necessary steps on this matter.

Meanwhile, with regard to this incident, former minister Mangala Samaraweera had Tweeted that he would move all his accounts in Sampath Bank to another bank which  "serves Sri Lankans beyond race, caste or creed" in his official Twitter account.