President Gotabaya must not dent his Popularity

President Gotabaya must not dent his Popularity

3 July 2020 05:50 pm

Several informal surveys show that President Gotabaya has a high approval rating of over 75% for handling the pandemic. But many fear some of the recent events may push his approval ratings down the tubes. The alleged allegations against the Former Sri Lankan Cricket Captain Kumar Sangakkara and also keeping Sangankara at the ‘Special Investigation Unit on Prevention of Offenses Relating to Sports’ for almost 10 hours on Thursday received unprecedented negative publicity for the government. Kumar Sangakara  is regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all time. Sangakara is also the current president of MCC. The allegations against the cricketing greatest, were made by a cheap politician who was accused of Bribery and was arrested. He was the sports minister at that time. Why was he silent for 10 yers? Both these two players featured prominently when Sri Lanka won the T20 World Cup in 2014. That was Sangakara’s  farewell T20 appearance. Where he steered Sri Lanka to a six-wicket victory over India. Questions are being asked if this was done purposefully to belittle the two cricketers for standing up to the government against the proposed International Stadium in Homagama?

To add to the President’s economic woes The World Bank downgraded Sri Lanka from an upper-middle income country to a lower-middle income country from 1 st July. The move comes under the World Bank’s 2020-2021 country classification by income level, exactly a year after Sri Lanka was classified as an upper-middle income category.

Sri Lanka is among 10 economies that are moving to a different category this year and is one of three countries that are moving to a lower category from the previous year. Algeria and Sudan are the other two countries moving to a lower category along with Sri Lanka.The President is a man on a mission looking at the intensity he is getting the government to perform. His admirers in the administration told LNW that he needs to shed those politically motivated public servants and others in his administration who are clever at latching on to any new government at the right time and acting now as though they are bigger supporters of the government, having milked the previous administration for several benefits. Now pretending to have got amnesia about their dealing with the previous administration. A current secretary of a ministry connected with the economy who has become a darling of the Rajapakse administration according to them was distantly connected to a top Minister in the Yahapalana Government and supported his agenda to a fault.

What the President needs to do they observed is to hire top quality non politicized professionals like in Singapore for the three or four critical positions in the Administration and give them leadership to perform. He is the only leader who has the will to do it and this is the last chance we have for Sri Lanka to change the entitlement political culture in the country.President Gotabaya is the only man who can accomplish this change.