Karuna Amman praises himself for shutting down Sajith against criticism

Karuna Amman praises himself for shutting down Sajith against criticism

3 July 2020 10:34 am

Former LTTE armed leader and general election contestant Karuna Amman said that his comment on killing 2000 - 3000 army troops was but a small part of an hour-long speech, suggesting that he shut down Sajith Premadasa, who according to Amman had instigated criticism among the public on the basis of the comment, thereby praising himself that Sajith has now understood that pinching Karuna Amman would result in severe consequences. 

"We are bargaining by keeping our party - with the governing party; showing them that we would be joining them if they help our contestants as such. Also, we would be needing at least one representative from Batticaloa. That way only I can bring you development through them.

I know how development should be brought in. As you know, lately a thirty-second video blasted itself out like a nuclear bomb. Karuna Amman, Karuna Amman, the name was mentioned all over the world. Any TV Channel, a Radio channel would say Karuna Amman.

I had an hour-long speech. I spoke about common problems. We lost alot during war. That is true. We need no more losses in future. Editing that speech he himself has put waste on his head. Who? Sajith Premadasa. He instigated criticism based on that speech, with the hope of attacking me big time. Then I said, "Ado! Your father had developed that organization by giving them 5000 arms, 5000 grenades and ten million live ammunition." Now he cannot even walk among the Sinhalese. See how he was turned down? He has understood that pinching me would result in severe consequences. That is why even the Prime Minister has said it is not necessary to shout Karuna, Karuna, he has put a statement on that. Then it was stopped," he said. 

Amman made these observations speaking to a propaganda rally held in Batticaloa yesterday (02).