SLPP continues to defend MCC Compact despite early slogans

SLPP continues to defend MCC Compact despite early slogans

2 July 2020 09:46 am

The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Compact which have been signed twice by Sri Lanka cannot be torn off that easily now, SLPP general election contestant and former parliamentarian D.V. Chanaka said. 

Should the present government directly reject the grant in the circumstance that the previous government had obtained US$ 10 million through the pact, the US government may even consult the International Court regarding the matter, he added. 

"America is the world's most powerful country. US$ 10 million had been obtained from them, by signing the MCC pact twice. When it was signed twice and US$ 10 million - Rs. 180 crores - had been obtained but no way of knowing what happened to them, such compact cannot be torn off that easily. There is a way we work with the world. Otherwise, America is even able to reach the international court, saying that US$ 10 million were taken from them signing twice and now we have thrown it out. We should be giving clarification as to why we may not be signing it as concluded by an experts committee. That was why this committee was appointed. Otherwise, we could have thrown it off. Because we are not that rich to spend billions by meeting international courts," he said. 

Given the current situation, not even bank account details were found in revealing what happened to the US$ 10 million received, the former MP further said.