Finance Min. Secretary R.S Attygalle a man for all Seasons

Finance Min. Secretary R.S Attygalle a man for all Seasons

30 June 2020 03:30 pm

S.R. Attygalle Secretary to Ministry of finance and the Secretary to Treasury is a man for all seasons. According to his colleagues for the sake of his position he is ready to cope with any contingency and whose behaviour is always appropriate to every occasion.

Mr. Attygalle who is from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka had earlier served on release, as a Deputy Secretary to Treasury for more than 10 years and also as the Treasury Secretary and Secretary to the Ministry of Finance and Economic affairs for a short period during Former President Sirisena’s political coup.

According to several of his colleagues he has mastered the political craft. During the Yahapalana Government they pointed out he was Former Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake’s right hand man. 

According to Finance Ministry sources, he was with the Minister in every meeting. He was a supporter of the controversial super gains tax. He may have known about the Controversial Bond, though not involved. Had the Minister remained he would have become the secretary, he was the second in command gaining ground fast.

Attygalle did not have the same clout during the remaining period, he did not impress them, he slowly distanced himself and began aligning himself with the opposition. Further they observed He was critical of the former Treasury Secretary during the Yahapalana regime. He has now latched on to him and become a bigger Pohotuwa supporter than even the Rajapakses.

It would be more prudent for Attygalle to hep the President to get out of this economic crisis leaving his political leanings and tactics behind and do his job as an independent public servant. His Machiavellian tactics to impress his Bosses are surely not being appreciated by his colleagues in the service and subject to criticism.

LNW will be keeping a close eye on Attygalle from now on  because we have omitted  many of the comments and he is a public servant living off the tax payers of Sri Lanka and the President has clearly told the Public Servants to stay out of politics.