Early probing on Karuna Amman covered up by CID!

Early probing on Karuna Amman covered up by CID!

29 June 2020 09:34 am

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) recently had recorded a statement from former LTTE armed leader  and general election contestant Karuna Amman for his self-proclaimed but rather controversial comment on killing 2000 - 3000 Army troops overnight shaking many waters.

However, some shocking details are revealed suggeting that the CID had covered up some of the previous investigations involving Amman under the Mahinda Rajapaksa government. 

Amman was sent to the United Kingdom during Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa's first tenure as President on an invitation received to one of the directors of Sri Lanka Environmental Authority. Amman, according to sources, was sent to the UK with the help of the intelligence units by forging a counterfeit passport.  

However, Amman was arrested by the UK authorities for carrying a fake passport and sentenced to prison for two-years. Media reports then had claimed that Britain had shifted the Visa issuance system from Sri Lanka to India based on this counterfeit passport case.  

Although the British Police had informed the CID on Amman's counterfeit passport, the CID had dropped investigating the case, based on an order came from a then higher power.  

The CID investigations into the former LTTE armed leader had uncovered that a firearm given to Amman by the intelligence units had been used for the assassination of former Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP Nadaraja Raviraj. 

These investigations had also revealed that the intelligence units had distributed about 400 automated firearms to the terrorist group led by Amman at a secret military base in Kanthale in about 2007, and the former TNA MP was killed by one of them.  

However, the probing had been dropped based on the interruption by the invisible fist from a top chair. 

Given consideration to the above revelations, the present government's stance on enforcing law against Amman would be but humourous.