Trade unions and civil organizations object to the arrest of Frontline Socialist Party group who held a peaceful protest

Trade unions and civil organizations object to the arrest of Frontline Socialist Party group who held a peaceful protest

10 June 2020 12:25 pm

The Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) organized a protest yesterday (09) afternoon, in parallel with the worldwide protest against the assassination of American black man George Floyd. The protest was held at Lipton Circus, near Colombo Municipal Council, according to quarantine rules. Police forces arrived on the scene and ignored the social distance and attacked protesters and carried large numbers of people in a police vehicle.

The attack on the peaceful protest by the police and the arrest of the protesters is clearly a violation of fundamental rights and we think the threatening message given by the government to those who organize such protests is a threat.

In addition, two others were arrested near the Liberty cinema in Kollupitiya and two lawyers. One lawyer was arrested when the others were questioned about the reason for their arrest. 

Even though government supporters have violated quarantine rules on several occasions in the recent past, the police have not been able to enforce the law. The arrest of a group of protesters in accordance with quarantine rules shows that the police are prepared to violate the constitutional rights of the country in accordance with the government's political interests.

Massive protests by tens of thousands of people have been protesting agaist the death of George Floyd in the America, Europe, Latin America and Asia, where the Corona epidemic has claimed serious casualties. Most of the countries did not take any action to suppress any such protests with open and violent police force.

The use of a disproportionate amount of violent police force in comparison with the participation of today's protest has serious implications for the time to come.

We condemn the government's attempt to violate the fundamental rights protected by the Constitution on the pretext of the corona epidemic, and we are prepared to work with trade unions and civil organizations to defeat it.

Ceylon Teachers Union
Ceylon Merchant Technical and General Employees Union
Sri Lanka Postal and Telecommunication Services Association
All Ceylon Public Management Officers Association
Irrigation General Employees Union
Federation of Labor Trade Unions
Provincial Public Management Officers Association
National Postal and Telecommunication Employees Union
Federation of Media Employees' Trade Unions
Commercial and Industrial Employees Union
Railway Employees Union
United Labor Federation
Telecom All Employees Union
Information and Telecommunications All Employees Union
Government Factory Employees Union
United Postal Employees Union
United Postal and Telecommunications Employees Union
Ceylon Trade Union Federation
United General Workers Union
Sri Lanka Association of Professional Journalists
Internet Media Activity (IMA)
Young Journalists Association of Sri Lanka
Land and Agricultural Reform Movement
National Fisheries Co-operation Movement