Enough time wasted on the recalling of Arjuna Mahendran through ’diplomatic means’

Enough time wasted on the recalling of Arjuna Mahendran through ’diplomatic means’

3 June 2020 07:20 pm

Propaganda Secretary of Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna former parliamentarian Vijitha Herath said that enough time has been wasted on the recalling of Arjun Mahendran through diplomatic means as claimed by certain parties of the government. 

He made this observation speaking at the press conference held in Party headquarters in Battaramulla today (03).

"Mr. Maithripala Sirisena speaks of 21,000 signatures. But he couldn't recall Arjun Mahendran by signing 21,000 times. Also, some of those who are so vocal about it claim that Arjuna Mahendran will be recalled in the same manner in which KP was recalled. Susil Premajantha says that he will have to be recalled by 'diplomatic means,' in compliance with the Extradition Bill. But this was not what was claimed in the Election platform back then."

At the brink of the 2019 Election, the present governing party had sworn to enforce law against those who had committed the bond scandal, Mr. Herath reminded, pointing out that this will not simply happen. 

"Enough time has been wasted on recalling him via diplomatic means in compliance with the Extradition Bill. But it does not happen. What happened to people like Udayanga Weeratunga? He had been hiding, and not even the INTERPOL was able to trace him, as they had claimed. But he was recalled in the midst of the Coronavirus crisis and granted bail by the Court. Thieves on their side are being protected, while the thieves on the other side are being protected by making deals," he said.

Instead of enforcing law against a terrorist leader like KP, the governing party had sheltered him with state patronage, he reminded.

"We know, that these thieves will not be caught. They're speaking of KP now. What did they do by recalling KP? Was law enforced? No! KP was returned and now he is enjoying enough benefits under the state protection," said Herath, thereby suggesting that they are of doubt whether the same fate would follow on the recalling of Mahendran. 

Despite many verbal promises, no thief would be enforced by law, as this has been an ongoing practice, the JVP Propaganda Secretary reiterated.    

Responding to queries on the recent arguments between the United National Party and the Samagi Jana Balawegaya, Mr. Herath said, "The accused of the Bond Scam are at one fraction, their partners at the other. People who wrote books about the Bond Scam are in one, and those who had put footnotes in preventing the CoPE probing are at both sides. The thieves have divided themselves into two groups."

Many political coalitions and joint ventures between the United National Party and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party throughout history had engaged in deal-politics, Herath added. This has been ongoing in the face of a political scene in which both are acting on an understanding to cover up the allegations leveled against each other, he pointed out.

"The previous Good Governance Government was also a coalition between the United National Party and the United People's Freedom Alliance. The UPFA had held ministries. Earlier, 17 UNP members including Karu Jayasuriya had joined the Rajapaksa Governance. People like G.L. Peiris, S.B, Bandula Gunawardena, Gamini Lokuge, Mahinda Samarasinghe were former members of the United National Party. They're on their side, so on the other. This unity has always been there. They simply jump into the existing government in covering up their allegations. This scene is being played always."