Sajith responds to Social Media trolling over his Linguistic Capacity

Sajith responds to Social Media trolling over his Linguistic Capacity

11 May 2020 10:19 am

Former opposition leader Sajith Premadasa has been subjected to a mass social media trolling over the last week for using advanced English terms in his Twitter messages. 

A website bidding the will of a powerful government figure took the trolling into a level in which it suggested that Mr. Premadasa's English cannot be even understood by the Queen of England or the President of the United States, further suggesting that Mr. Premadasa has become the centre of a joke. 

However, sources told LNW that Mr. Premadasa has predicted on people's capacity to understand English with one of his friends long before the social media trolling ever took place. 

"To be honest, if anyone could go through pages of a dictionary, they may be able to learn a lot. I appreciate if anyone can learn a word or two while some people are too busy laughing at me.

This was how I developed my English knowledge. When Father was in his early days at Parliament, he too had troubles with English. So he had been learning 10 new English words per day and studying them. 

Think about it. People are residing in homes amidst the Curfew for over a month and a half now. If they could have learned 10 words per day, the outcome would have been amazing.

People who troll me would continue to troll me. Long ago I was trolled by accusing me that I have no Ordinary Levels, and that I cannot speak English. Now they are trolling me for speaking English hardly digestive for them. That is the way things go around here. If this never occurred, they would have channelled up for something else. This is how media and politics work in Sri Lanka," he said.