Dismayed UAE responds to COVID-19 related misinformation spread by Sri Lankan media

Dismayed UAE responds to COVID-19 related misinformation spread by Sri Lankan media

6 April 2020 06:07 pm

The Embassy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in Colombo has responded to the recent media propagation in Sri Lanka concerning a directive issued by the country's ruler on Friday (03) regarding the burial of the deceased due to COVID-19 in UAE.

In a press release today (06), the Embassy has stated it is absolutely dismayed and concerned on the misinformation propagated pertaining to the matter, revealing that the UAE's supreme leader Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi directed the authorities in Sharjah not to bury any of the victims of the disease in Al Saja's due to the lack of space, and that they be buried in another specified area. 

The directives of the UAE leader aimed at refuting a video clip 'tendentiously' posted saying that burial of COVID-19 victims are taking place in the said area, it said, adding that the authorities did not ban the burial of those of died nor did they instruct that the bodies be cremated thereby pointing out that it is their belief that a deceased person should be treated with dignity regardless of the cause of death and prejudice or discrimination is not accepted. 

The Embassy condemned the malicious interpretation of this news item by certain media outlets in Sri Lanka manipulating into which it was a directive to cremate the bodies instead of burying them, raising concerns that it could incite racism and hatred against the Muslim community living in Sri Lanka.

Accordingly, the Embassy urges the Sri Lankan authorities to take necessary measures to remove the said misinterpretation from all media on which it has been published.