If I was the President of Sri Lanka..

If I was the President of Sri Lanka..

31 March 2020 04:43 pm

If I was the President of Sri Lanka, the following are the key steps I would take in the short to medium time -

  1. Create serious awareness of the criticality of Covid 19 cascading to basic deep rural persons.
  2. Give serious warning to people on violation of curfew rules through Govt. & Private Media and Social Media.
  3. Build a restricted area for violators in a facility existing or built in an Island around Jaffna i.e., Delft Islands, etc.
  4. Persons who suspect they have features of Covid 19 but, who go to National and Public Hospitals for treatment to be charged for their irresponsibility and restricted to another Nothern Island.
  5. Criminals in jails in Colombo, Kandy and Anuradhapura to be shifted to a prison facility in an Island near Jaffana to be heavily guarded like what Alcatraz in San Francisco was.
  6. Prepare a National Budget  to give sustainable relief to SMB sector to pay salaries and wages of permanent staff & workers.
  7. Obtain poverty relief contributions from the Asgiriya and Malwatte prelates to supply food- groceries, dry rations and vegetables to those below the poverty line. This act will also address the corruption accumulation of wealth of these two Chapters.
  8. Take 50% salary cuts for President, Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, State Ministers and Junior Ministers so that they can empathize with the majority of citizens who face financial hardships.
  9. Set up a Government hygienically controlled food relief logistical arrangement through the Provincial Counciks irrespective of Party Politics.
  10. Set up a “Help Desk” at National level with 50 lines and efficient capable persons to handle the help desk with not more than 30 seconds on an incoming call.
  11. Jail,  without trial anyone who tries to make undue profit distributing essential items to homes across the country.

That’s all for now

Dr. Nalin Jayasuriya