President pardons Sunil Ratnayake

President pardons Sunil Ratnayake

26 March 2020 02:41 pm

Former Army Special Forces Sergeant Sunil Ratnayake who was been sentenced to death has been pardoned by the president Says Madillale Pangnaaloka Thera of the Sinhale Organization. Pangnaaloka Thera says this in a video posted on his Facebook account.

Sunil Ratnayake was charged with the killing of eight Tamils ​​near the army camp in Mirusuvin and was found guilty of these charges and was sentenced to death.

Since the last presidential election, there have been requests from various organizations for him to be granted a presidential pardon.

Madille Pangnaloka Thero says in his video, Sunil Ratnayake has now returned to his home.