24 March 2020 04:17 pm

Corona is a spherical virus containing RNA, smaller than a bacterium. Although bacteria can be seen through an Optical Microscope, a picture of a virus can be created digitally using only an Electron Microscope. Corona virus is about 10,000th of a millimetre.

Corona virus gets its name from being like the ‘corona of the Sun’ because it has a spiky covering which when seen through an Electron Microscope look like what the Sun has. These spikes are made of proteins. SARS 1 virus that spread about 18 years ago is a similar Corona virus but the proteins on its capsule were different. The virus that is spreading at the present time is also called SARS 2 or Covid-19 virus.

Because the proteins on its capsule are different to SARS 1, the antibodies formed in our bodies against SARS 1 through our natural immunity are not effective against Covid-19 virus. If the current virus is to be destroyed new antibodies that can attack the spikes of Covid-19 have to be formed in our immune system.

When a virus enters the body for the first time the immune system forms new fighting antibodies with in about a week. If more of the same virus enters the body on a later occasion, the body responds much quicker than the first time to produce an efficient fast response to form antibodies, so that the virus is killed before the symptoms develop. In this situation the host will not suffer from the disease.

If the virus enters somebody whose immune system is not so strong or weak the spikes of the virus pierce through the cell membranes of the host and enter the cells cytoplasm, where the virus multiplies after paralysing the  various components of the cytoplasm like ribosome and endoplasmic reticulum and of course the instructions from the host cell nucleus. At this stage antibodies find it difficult to destroy the virus. In this way the virus spreads to the lung cells and cause inflammation and congestion resulting in fluid accumulation impairing the flow of oxygen into the blood vascular system. This is the stage of PNEUMONIA where on top of the virus, bacteria also can infect the weakened lung. The condition of the patient becomes serious at this stage.

Covid-19 is really a weak virus. In people with WEAKENED IMMUNITY it, not only establishes itself easily but cause serious disease. However if one has normal immunity (i.e. not weakened) the virus can not multiply and hence the person will not fall ill. 

Covid-19 virus can survive from few hours to few days on various surfaces. It is believed that it is destroyed by ultra violet radiation from the sun in a few hours. It was reported today that the virus lasted for 17 days in a cruise ship cabin where a Corona virus sufferer stayed, but this could have been an unusual situation with no aeration and sunshine after the patient was hospitalised. 

This virus enters the body through mucous membranes of nose, mouth and throat. In a normal person these mucous membranes have the innate ability through their own immune reaction to prevent entry to any foreign body into the body. But if that system is weak viruses will enter the body with out a fight. Corona virus can not enter the body through the normal skin.

Covid-19 spreads when a patient suffering from the disease coughs and spreads a spray of droplets containing large number of viruses and enters the respiratory system of another via the nose, mouth and throat of the second person. If the person suffering the disease wears a face mask, then spread of the droplets is obstructed by the mask. But this mask has to be incinerated after use otherwise the virus can spread from the discarded mask. Also if somebody touches a surface where the virus is deposited and then touches the face then the virus will be transported to near the opening of the respiratory system allowing the virus to enter the nose and the mouth. This can be prevented by frequent washing of hands and come out of the habit of touching the face.

There are a lot of creams and applications in the market for hand use but they should have alcohol at least in a concentration of 60% to kill the virus. Even whisky and brandy has only 40% alcohol and that is not sufficient to kill the virus when applied directly to it. So the efficacies of these creams are doubtful. Antiseptics affect bacteria but do not kill viruses. But it is said that hydrogen peroxide and bleach may kill viruses. 

But an American Virologist recently reported the he found that the ordinary soap will destroy the lipid capsule of the virus during washing of hands. Some have advocated leaving soap for 20 seconds but common sense will let you know that you do not want to keep the virus in your hands even for few seconds.


Wearing face masks are recommended for patients suffering from the disease and those health care workers who look after such patients to prevent droplets containing large number of viruses entering the nose. But one must know that such a small individual virus of the size of one ten thousandth of a millimetre can go through the face mask as air goes through the mask during breathing.

But the worse is when a normal person wearing a mask lifts the mask with hands from time to time to talk as I have seen in supermarket counters. This defeats the purpose of wearing the mask.

Spread of the disease via touching currency notes and coins although theoretically possible I have not heard of any diseases spread that way.

Although the modern science has developed so much, to the extent of exploring other planets in the solar system and beyond, even the mighty powers have been on their knees in front of such a tiny Corona not even visible to the naked eye….. WHAT A SHAME!!! 

That is because the modern science has blinded Scientists and Doctors 50% so that they can not destroy such a virus. They have forgotten to go beyond books and experiments and use COMMON SENSE as to how the nature destroys viruses through the immune system.

Please note it is said that THE FIRST THING A SCIENTIST LOOSES IS COMMON SENSE. This is amply proven in this Pandemic.

There are no medications to kill viruses. So far the message about Chloroquine is mixed and not trustworthy. The produce of vaccines to produce artificial immunity will take years to develop. By that time the virus has come and gone and many lives would have been lost.

However much Doctors and Scientists appear in media and say various things swaying in the wind of current trends …… OTHER THAN WASHING HANDS, WEARING MASKS AND PUTTING PEOPLE UNDER HOUSE ARREST USING CURFEW etc. THERE SEEM TO BE NOTHING TO ADD………..

That is because as I mentioned earlier they are 50% blinded by their training in Medical Schools and worse than that is the Post Graduate training. Less emphasis has been given to the natural immune system which so efficiently prevents infection in our day to day lives. This has been ignored or cared less and to go in search of sophisticated antiviral drugs which are at present non-existent and therefore they have lost their way. In this process they have LOST THEIR COMMON SENSE TOO.


The reason why in ITALY this disease spread so rapidly with high mortality is their weakened natural immunity. It is well known their staple diet is PASTA which contains high GLUTEN which in turn is known to interfere with the immune system. PASTA is made from WHEAT FLOUR which has high GLUTEN content. 

Many decades ago the GLUTEN content of WHEAT was about 8%. Now there is genetically modified wheat with GLUTEN CONTENT UPTO 14%. GLUTEN is 80% of the proteins in BREAD FLOUR. It gives stickiness to bread flour when water is added. It is harmful to the body causing a number of diseases. GLUTEN has 2 proteins GLUTANIN and GLIADIN. It is GLIADIN that causes the problem.

When GLIADIN is digested by protease enzymes in the gut it is not cleanly broken into individual amino acids. Instead chains of sticky amino acids of various lengths are formed which attach to immune cells and diminish or destroy them. The longer chains destroy the tissue T- cell mediated immunity so that the immune cells become unable to recognise one’s own cells, destroying them resulting in AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASES. Gluten Enteropathy is one of them. The smaller radicals get attached to immune cells producing antibodies (to viruses such as Corona) and diminish their function.

Gluten is found in WHEAT, RYE, OAT AND BARLEY. There is NO GLUTEN IN RICE. It is found in Bread Flour, Biscuits, Cakes, Ata flour, Sau and junk food like Kotthu Roti. Whisky from Rye and Beer from Wheat also has gluten. Nowadays wheat is added to Papadum and Ulundu Wade as well.

It is common sense in spite of silence by Doctors and Scientists on this aspect of the disease for individuals to avoid eating GLUTEN containing foods. It will prevent the immune system becoming weak and non-responsive or delay in response in fighting the virus if one were to be exposed to it. It is best to keep your natural immune system strong particularly in a Pandemic like the present one, especially when nothing else can be done medically to treat the virus.

Antibodies form in the body after the virus enters. But if we can prevent the entry of the virus through mucous membranes then nobody should get any Corona virus infections. There is natural immunity at the mucous membrane level to prevent entry any foreign bodies. If that is damaged the virus will enter the body initiating the antibody response which is the second line of defence. But at the first line if we can defend, the virus however strong can not enter the body and cause disease.

It is known that Milk and Milk products like Cheese, Butter, Yogurt, Ice Cream, dried Milk powder of many kinds, Whey proteins, Biscuits, Chocolate and any food containing milk proteins lower the ability to prevent foreign bodies entering the body. Milk produces most allergies such as hay fever, runny nose, wheezing, phlegm in the chest and runny eyes reducing their resistance. It is best to strengthen this first line of defence by avoiding such foods. After all one should not die because he/she has stopped GLUTEN and MILK foods.

This side of the story is deliberately forgotten by large multi-national food companies. They would even prevent such research relating to harmful effects of some foods. The Scientists and Doctors have been influenced and blinded by them so that they have lost their Common Sense.

Another thing that is known is that during an immune response the antibody forming cells acquire twice the normal quantity of VITAMIN C.  Therefore it is sensible to take Vitamin C 500mg to 1000mg daily. There is no point taking doses larger than that. Those with advanced renal disease should take medical advice before taking Vitamin C.

Having said all this, some foolish Buddhist priests have resorted to chanting Pirith (in a language even they don’t understand), invoking Blessings, lighting lamps, spraying so called ‘pirith pan’ and in Hindu Temples various events patronised by some misguided TV personalities to chase Corona virus away. They think Corona will hear a language even they don’t understand. They chant Ratana Sutra saying it is meant to chase imagined ‘Bhuthas’ (created in their own minds). Investigations done by Prof. Marasinghe had revealed that before Buddhaghosha none of the books mention about such an event of ‘Bhutha Invasion’ or such catastrophe and no such mention or a version of a story as mentioned in current versions of Rathana Sutra existed before. These priests who follow Buddhaghosha Religion for their existence by selling Buddha’s name seem to believe what Buddhaghosha (who himself said he did not attain Nibbana) said rather than pure Buddha word. 

This is a Virus that has infiltrated Sri-Lanka for about 1600 years. This is much more serious than CORONA VIRUS, spreading wrong information taking the people ‘down the garden path’ for their existence. Unfortunately there are some misguided Doctors and the so called Learned, who support them and also follow them without questioning….. THIS IS A SAD STORY. 

Only way to destroy this virus which is called ‘HARMU DURONA VIRUS’ is to move away from them and attain Nibbana. The path to Nibbana has been rediscovered recently.

AND FINALLY (forgetting foolish Buddhist Priests who never attain Nibbana), 


Dr Gamini Abhaya