Srilankan Airline dirty deals: Directors culpable

Srilankan Airline dirty deals: Directors culpable

23 February 2020 04:13 pm

Kapila and his wife are now in remand for Airbus deals they did either for themselves or for others higher up in the Administration. How a man get his young wife involved in a money laundering racket on behalf of others is against the very Buddhist principles we talk so highly on a daily basis. Then what is controversial Nimal Perera of Krish fame involvement in the airbus deal and how did the money laundered by him end up in a property at Gower Street. This must now be investigated. The name of businessman Nandana Lokuwithana  is another benefactor of the airbus deal according to investigators.

The same Nandana did deals with controversial businessman/politician Malik Samarawickrama . Lokuwithana got land during the Sirisena Government. How a village boy got hold of so much of money is another mystery. Malik Samarawickrama one of those responsible for the downfall of the Sirisena Government was Nandana’s business partner. A forensic of their accounts and bank accounts should reveal lot . How Samarawickrama has escaped any investigations so far also remains a big mystery.

Directors Responsibilities

Kapila Chandrasena according airline sources did not do anything on his own. The Aircrafts were bought with the approval of the Board. The Board consisted of Nishantha Wickramasinghe Chairman ( BIL of Mahinda Rajapaksa), Airline Audit Committee Chairman Susantha Rathnayake ( now appointed as BOI Chairman), Sanath Ukwatte Hotel Owner, Manila Fernando lawyer , Nihal Jayamanne PC, Shamendra Rajapakse ( Chamal Rajapaksa’s son) and Lakshmi Sangakkara. This board had approved every ounce of the transaction. Other than the two lawyers, the other Directors on the Board had passed only their O/L. For example what qualifications did Rathnayake have to head an Airline Audit Committee.

Even in a small company a Chartered Accountant heads the Audit Committee. Now he has become BOI Chairman. The Presidential Commission appointed in 2017 clearly recommended to take action against the Board of Directors for negligence and to look for ways to put a civil suit against the Board of Directors . Law suits should be brought against them forthright. In the absence of that the Airline Union or public interest groups  should do that immediately.

Rathwatte Brothers

The National airline under the Wickremasinghe government also went from bad to worse. starting from the cancellation of the European Flights to the appointment of Charitha Ratwatte’s Brother Suren Ratwatte as the CEO of the Airline. A man who up-to that point had only been an Airline pilot . Srilankan Staff told LNW that it was worse time in the history of the Airline . He ruined the Airline a Captain remarked.

Another told LNW that Suren used his brother’s name and played hell in the Airline. An ex Director told LNW that when they tried to sack the  CEO for bad performance, Senior Ratwatte had informed that the Board would be sacked if he was not confirmed. The Airline Airbus order that was cancelled after spending over Rs 500 Million on consultants cost the tax payers 14 Million USD . It is alleged that certain people received commission in the cancellations. The government should now do a forensic Audit for the period 2015-2019. They owe it to the public. A UNP MP told LNW that Ratwatte senior had singlehanded ruined the UNP on two occasions. He should be banished for good. They are like leachers they keep coming back through Ranil Wickremasinghe. That is why we need a new leader . If not Samarawickramas , Rathwattes Paskaralingems keep coming back to ruin the UNP.