A Mini World Cup for 20/20

A Mini World Cup for 20/20

18 February 2020 02:41 pm

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is focusing on hosting another world class tournament for the rapidly growing 20/20 cricket division. That is in addition to the current 20/20 World Cup. 

The proposal for the tournament, known as the 20/20 Champions Cup, was first proposed at the ICC Full Members' Meeting last October. The proposals for each of these countries have been called up to the 15th of March and a final decision will be taken regarding the tournament.

Earlier, a similar tournament was introduced for ODIs, known as the Mini World Cup. It is now known as the Champions Trophy and will be known as the ODI Champions Cup from the next tournament.

If the 20/20 Champions Cup becomes confirms, the first tournament will be in 2024.

The top 10 teams in the series will qualify and the tournament will consist of 48 matches. It will be held in the same manner as the 2019 ODI World Cup.

If this proposal is confirmed, a world class cricket tournament will be held every year starting from 2024. Accordingly, the 20/20 Champions Cup will be held in 2024, the One-Day Champions Cup in 2025, the 20/20 World Cup in 2026, and the One-Day World Cup in 2027.

However, India, England and Australia are not in favor of the proposal. The reason is that players who are busy due to bilateral cricket tournaments can stay busy. The real reason, though, is that they are more interested in earning more than the profits they get from organizing such world-class tournaments.