Elephant Heart overthrown by Swan!

Elephant Heart overthrown by Swan!

14 February 2020 09:07 pm

The Ranil and Sajith factions have agreed to contest the upcoming general election from the Swan aka Hansaya Symbol in the making of the new political alliance.

The committee appointed to solve the election symbol crisis comprised of ten members representing each faction has unanimously agreed for the decision. 

The Sajith Faction early had given into the Heart aka Hadawatha Symbol whilst the Ranil Faction, opposed, strongly withheld to the traditional Elephant aka Aliya Symbol. Some of the Ranil stalwarts in the United National Party (UNP) publicly criticized the choice by the Sajith Faction causing enough media attention to an awakening dispute. 

Nevertheless, the clash has been solved as both factions green-signaled for the Hansaya Symbol.

The decision made by the United National Party on the election symbol accordingly would be informed to other parties that are pledging allegiance to the UNP mainstream.