Parliament Debate on CBSL Forensic Audit Report avoided?

Parliament Debate on CBSL Forensic Audit Report avoided?

14 February 2020 02:59 pm

The forensic audit report on the controversial bond transactions of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) has been distributed to all members of Parliament. Accordingly, a debate on the matter is due on February 18-19. 

However, certain media reports claim that a group of parliamentarians requested to postpone the debate, pointing out that there may not be enough time to study the report's content prior to a debate. The forensic audit report is consisting over one thousand pages, and a debate without sound understanding of the findings may not be appropriate, they opined. 

Meanwhile, the President would be able to dissolve Parliament by the beginning of March for which the constitutional power is granted. Both the government and the President thereby have decided to dissolve Parliament in the first light. 

If the Parliament is dissolved by the beginning of March and the request to postpone the debate on the CBSL forensic audit report is approved, no debate would be carried out in the present Parliament. 

The forensic audit report contains information on bond transactions committed on and before 2015, and there is reasonable doubt whether seeking Parliament's dissolution is an attempt bar wrongful conduct committed by either of the political mainstreams from being exposed.