Sajith’s new party a disgrace to UNP!

Sajith’s new party a disgrace to UNP!

11 February 2020 11:25 pm

The United National Party (UNP) in a letter addressed to the Election Commission has requested that the party's identity not be harmed when registering new political parties or changing names of political parties already registered. 

The letter has been sent by UNP's legal secretary President's Counsel Nissanka Nanayakkara. 

The political party on the title Samagi Jathika Balawegaya seeking registration may harm the identity of the United National Party, the letter stated, pointing out that written its name in English - United National Power - resembles the signature abbreviation UNP of the United National Party. 

Therefore, the United National Party is requesting the Election Commission to refrain Samagi Jathika Balawegaya from registering, it further stated.