Dear Gevindu, Do You Remember Hemantha Chandrasiri?

Dear Gevindu, Do You Remember Hemantha Chandrasiri?

8 February 2020 05:28 pm

Dear brother Gevindu Kumaratunga, you know me too well. Not only that, all those who faced the goons of the Independent Students Union of the University of Colombo and the murderers of the PRA movement at the time knew who I was. You, I, and everyone know who Hemantha Chandrasiri is. We know who murdered him in the most barbaric way. Hemantha Chandrasiri was a member of the Jathika Chinthana Group you led when he was murdered. He was brutally murdered by C.A. Chandraprema aka Thadi Priyantha, the assassin of the Independent Student Union. Today, your government is preparing to appoint him as an elite ambassador.  

I watched with much patience. I was waiting for you to utter a word to the least against that murderer for the sake of your dead colleague. I have been waiting for you to say something when may movements have outspoken against the appointment of such a vicious murderer. I thought Nalin Sir, just like you, being theorists and manipulators of this government too would do justice to Hemantha Chandrasiri who was murdered by the hand of this vicious murderer. But we, unlike you, are innocent fools, not tempered by politics. The slain Hemantha Chandrasiri who shared the same plate not only at the University but also the Magazine prison is a mere memory of no use to you. Friends who are already associating with you say that you are not prepared to give up on your dreams of entering the Parliament through the National List on behalf of Hemantha or Chandraprema.

Nalin Sir has been silenced by giving him a ambassadorship. Pasquel, just like you, has the same Parliament dream. Neither would stand in the name of slain Hemantha. As said in the book Animal Farm, we are watching you share bottles of wine with Thadi Priyantha. But so may Hemantha.

I share a great deal of pain over Hemantha. Despite not making serious sacrifices as a result of hearing your rhetorical and mind-blowing theories, I, like Hemantha, had worked with you for the students movement. We followed in your footsteps. Hemantha lost his life. Luckily Chandraprema did not kill us. I know how you, as well as Nalin Sir, escaped with your life from that era of terror.

Nalin Sir abandoning his followers had fled the country. You managed to ensure your security by meeting a top minister at the time through one of your relatives who happened to be a senior Police officer. Others were not that fortunate. Although many people criticized it, I never thought of it as a mistake. Everyone was entitled to fear of death in a time murderers like Chandraprema ruled. But today, I despise you. Hemantha, the rural boy from Diwlapitiya, who came to Faculty of Science Colombo, was not privileged the way you, an old boy from Royal College with ties to then kings, were. That was why he was murdered. I, like Hemantha, a rural boy, escaped from that fate on my lucky stars. I find no grudge with you and Nalin Sir because you escaped that fate, I find grudge with you and Nalin Sir because you toast with the killer of an innocent who had to die because of you. 

I may write no more. No matter what I say, I doubt whether you have heart to recall the past. Therefore, I gave up on the thought of meeting you in face. You may have already guessed who I am. Nor do I care. I have no reason to continue a friendship with someone like you. 

Thank you.
An old friend