Sri Lanka enters into fruit processing with Danish company assistance

Sri Lanka enters into fruit processing with Danish company assistance

7 February 2020 04:40 pm

Danish fruit juice production company Orana will set up a fruit processing factory in a two-acre land in the IDB Industrial Estate in Pannala, with a US$1.5 million investment.

Orana is expected to enter into an agreement with Industrial Development Board to acquire the land to set up the plant.

Under the first phase of the project, the Cabinet Office stated that 30 employment opportunities will be generated.

Orana is one of largest Danish suppliers of fruit-based raw materials and semi-manufacturers. Further, it is also a leading producer of natural extracts and fruit-based food service products.

Orana is based on the island of Funen, the orchard of Denmark, with subsidiaries in Vietnam, India, Malaysia and Egypt.

A request has been made by Orana, one of the world’s largest Denmark suppliers supplying raw materials related to fruit processed according to the requirements of the beverage manufacturers to establish this factory.

The prospective investor has planned to invest United States dollars 1.5 million under the phase one of the proposed project while 30 job opportunities is to be  generated under the phase one of the factory.

Accordingly, approval of the Cabinet of Ministers has been granted for the proposal submitted by the Minister of Industries and Supply Management for awarding a plot of land from Pannala Industrial Park for the implementation of the relevant project.

It is subjected to entering into an agreement between Orana Company and Lanka Industrial Development Board.