Dr. P.N Meegaswatte appointed as the new Thailand Ambassador

Dr. P.N Meegaswatte appointed as the new Thailand Ambassador

14 January 2020 10:31 pm

Dr. P.N Meegaswatte gets an overseas posting as the Thailand ambassador official source said adding that Sri Lanka maintains 67 missions/posts overseas at present.  

Dr. P.N Meegaswatte, an experienced media personality, trainer, consultant and a front liner of ’Wiyathmaga’ an organisation spearheaded President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s election campaign countrywide has been Appointed as Sri Lanka’s ambassador-designate to Thailand.

He is a non career diplomat who received the post of ambassador due to his affiliation with the President due to his connections with Waithmage organisation registered as normal business several years ago.

Official sources said that this appointment was made on the  nomination made by the President considering Dr. Meegaswatte’s with his thirty years of experience as an executive management professional within several institutions both in public and private sector.

About 53 per cent of all heads of missions/posts (including proposed appointments are non-career personnel.

Dr. Meegaswatte is also a non career personal appointed as the Ambassador to Thailand.  

The Committee on High Posts of the Parliament of Sri Lanka will have to examine the suitability of Dr. Meegaswatte nominated/appointed to the diplomatic service.

He started his professional career as Physics teacher at Alexandra College Colombo a leading private school at that time.

He has held senior level management positions at several media stations including SLRC, ITN and MTV. He also functioned as television trainer and a front line media personality.

Dr. Meegaswatte has served as a consultant at the Information Communication technology Agency (ICTA).