Sarath Fonseka involves in an internal operation fixing Party Leadership for Sajith?

Sarath Fonseka involves in an internal operation fixing Party Leadership for Sajith?

15 December 2019 09:54 am

The operation to secure United National Party (UNP) leadership for Mr. Sajith Premadasa, its deputy leader, launched by a group of UNP members is being back by Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka, sources disclosed. 

This is reportedly an internal operation. 

Fonseka agreed to back Premadasa during the presidential election on the promise that he would be entrusted with the country's national security. This was publicly acknowledge by Mr. Premadasa as well. 

However, the former Army Commander was seen backing Mr. Premadasa on the grassroot level as well. 

Heated by the presidential defeat, the burden was seemingly put on former prime minister Party Leader Ranil Wickrmesinghe, whilst the plot to throw him out of the UNP was re-initiated.

In this backdrop, several figures, like Mr. Fonseka himself, have been following a silent policy, however, the situation now has been changed, according to sources. Accordingly, the field marshal has met with MPs Ranjith Madduma Bandara and Rishard Bathiudeen on last Thursday (12) upon developing a conversation to solve the leadership crisis erupted in the UNP. 

He has met with MP Bandara in the morning, and MP Bathiudeen, around 7 pm, sources disclosed. Mr. Fonseka has asked MP Bathiudeen's assistance in helping Mr. Sajith Premadasa.  

As Premadasa became a prominent figure than Wickremesinghe in the Party on recent occasion, the two MPs have agreed that he should be brought forward. Bathiudeen has agreed to Fonseka's request thereof, sources further disclosed. 

The former army commander therefore would continue to maintain low profile in backing Mr. Premadasa as an internal operation together with the rest of the team members of the Sajith Faction, according to sources.