Forged documents tabled to conceal information on Easter attack?

Forged documents tabled to conceal information on Easter attack?

3 December 2019 08:42 am

There is suspicion as to whether false documents have been prepared to conceal certain details regarding the Easter Sunday attack, the Presidential Commission of Inquiry appointed to probe the attack stated. 

Janaka De Silva, Court of Appeal justice and Chairman to the Commission, has raised the matter to the President at a meeting held between the President and the members of the Commission at the presidential secretariat yesterday (02).

The authorities had not taken the information that had been received before the attack seriously, he disclosed. He accordingly has explained the role and the composition of the Commission and has informed the President about the progress of the probe conducted on the attack. 

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa commenting in the discussion has said that the accurate information regarding the attack must be identified and those responsible should be brought before law, pointing out that it would be the expectation of His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith.

The President has agreed to provide all the facilities to the Commission pertaining to the investigation, reports said. 

During his tenure as Defence Secretary, the Security Council had met regularly and had given immediate attention to issues that could pose a threat to national security, the President said.

The intelligence apparatus had collapsed due to a neutral attitude towards national security committed during the previous regime, the President stressed, adding that as a result the propagation of Islam extremism could not be prevented.

However, given that all the details of the attack have been uncovered, the need to take steps to prevent such attacks from happening again was raised by the President, reports further said. Who is responsible for the collapse of the security mechanism should also be uncovered, the President said.

Court of Appeal Justice Nissanka Bandula Karunaratne, retired Court of Appeal Justice Nihal Sunil Rajapaksa, retired High Court Justice Bandula Kumara Atapattu and former Secretary to the Ministry of Justice W.M.M. Adhikari are the other members to the Commission.