Wrong Turn in ’83 that paved the way for a 30-year War! (VIDEO)

Wrong Turn in ’83 that paved the way for a 30-year War! (VIDEO)

14 November 2019 06:14 pm

The decision of the then government to bury the remains of the 13 army soldiers killed by the LTTE in an ambush attack in Jaffna on July 23, 1983 was a 'strategical mistake' that had expanded the conflict into a 30-year war, Deshakeerthi Lanka Puthra Major General Dr. Boniface Perera disclosed. 

Addressing the seminar organized by Noidul Tharunyaye Handa movement for university undergrads he made this observation.  

The above had the effect of attracting thousands of youths to the terrorist organization, which had comprised of only 23 members, by forming separate movements like the EPRLF, TELO, LTTE, PLOTE, Mr. Boniface Perera disclosed. 

The grave mistake the then government had committed turned the national security of Sri Lanka the centre of importance, he added. 

He said, however, that after nearly three decades of war, national security was once again forgotten, only to be reminiscent in the backdrop of Easter attack.

Major General Dr. Boniface Perera also pointed out that the national security directly determines the existence of the country, adding that as a nation the country is now being driven to a failed state. 

"Religious and communal clashes can cause any country to fail. This occurs in Sri Lanka. The other is state corruption. It is way over the edge now. Democracy has broken down. There is international intervention. That is not possible if foreign policy is strong...The people suffered for 30 years when the bodies of the soldiers who died in 1983 were buried in Colombo. Billions of properties were lost. One hundred thousand people died. Twenty-seven thousand soldiers were killed. See what happens to a country when a wrong decision is made..."

If the ruler of the country is weak, the national economy, national culture will collapse and foreign policy will be weakened, he further added. 

Watch the full speech of Major General Dr. Boniface Perera.