Rupavahini’s malpractices exposed!

Rupavahini’s malpractices exposed!

13 November 2019 08:46 pm

Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation has also been a place of financial mismanagement and irregularities over the years.

The parliamentary oversight committee observes that the Corporation has recovered only Rs.148, 370 out of the total Rs.42 million due from various political parties for using airtime during previous election campaigns.

Besides, credit facilities running to the tune of Rs.62 million had been given to some private companies. But, these companies have been closed down at the moment making it impossible for the Corporation to recover the amount.

Purchase of communication equipment from a foreign supplier by spending a sum of Rs.48.60 million to the Main Studio of the Channel of Coexistence with the warranty period for the parts of equipment had been mentioned as 5 years according to technical specifications of the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC).

However, the warranty period in the contract agreement had been limited to one year, an auit inspection revealed.

The SLRC had earned an income of Rs.763.36 million by broadcasting the lottery draw in the year under review.

The Corporation had spent a production expenditure of Rs.154.01 milliont. The sum totaling Rs.246.49 million comprised of Agent’s commission and Sales Executive‟s commission amounting to Rs.91.40 million and Rs.1.08 million respectively, officials said.

The Corporation had been deprived of Rs.91.40 million due to failure in direct connection in the said transaction by Government institution.

The Cabinet of Ministers had granted approval in December 2014 on the concurrence of the Ministry of Finance to operate a television channel in a studio established in Italy or another country in Europe via satellite technology and to temporarily obtain equipment therefore on lease basis.

The aim was to taking Sri Lanka‟s identity to the world and promoting the knowledge and appreciation of Sri Lankans living abroad.

A sum of Rs.3.45 million had been paid as advances on 02 January 2015 to a company distributing satellite technology for commencement activities thereof.

Moreover, no written agreement had been entered into for the said payment and the concurrence of the Ministry of Finance as well had not been obtained. However, the said function had been completely abandoned after January 2015 and action had not been taken even by the end of the year.