UK Conservatives ahead of Labour, latest survey discloses!

UK Conservatives ahead of Labour, latest survey discloses!

13 November 2019 04:07 pm

We have brought to you information, informing you that the forthcoming December general election in Britain will not be a mere election of a ruling party. This is because the election is an indelible mark on the right-wing leftist conflict in the British political context.

In the coming British general election, the ruling Conservatives, led by Boris Johnson, the prime minister of the country, are to contest against the main rival. The ruling Conservative Party, led by Boris Johnson, is in the standpoint that Britain should leave the EU, and the Labor Party is in line with the dissident group. The controversial Brexit deal has caused a number of divisions in the UK, and we have previously reported on the conflict between traditional conservative right-wing and revolutionary left-wing dissidents, from the vocabulary to the physical violence in some cases. 

Leftists voicing the most pressing problems facing Britain in Brexit are traitors from the right-wing perspective. However, it is noteworthy that, in Britain, as well as in any country (including Sri Lanka) where the right-wing left is a front, the majority of racists, religionists, racists and violence advocates are in the right.

Boris Johnson was displeased with the arbitrary manner in which he acted on the Brexit resolution before the British general election.

Many of the surveys conducted before the general election predicted that the ruling Conservatives would win. This was confirmed in a recent report by the Independent Communications & Marketing Research Network. Another research report by Kantar has been released today (13).

According to a Kantar survey, the ruling Conservative Party outperformed the Labor Party by 10 points. Accordingly, Boris Johnson's ruling Conservative Party won 37 percent, Labor 27 percent, the pro-European Liberal Democrat Party 17 percent and Brexit 9 percent.

Chavini Abhayasinghe