Gota condemns Presidential Rival citing his ministry a ‘failure’

Gota condemns Presidential Rival citing his ministry a ‘failure’

8 November 2019 08:59 pm

Gotabaya Rajapaksa, presidential hopeful of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP), has condemned his rival by calling him 'failed' to thrive as a minister all these years claiming that he is making promises beyond his capacities as a president rather funnily. 

Speaking to a public rally held in Rathnapura, the SLPP contender said he had performed his duties to the highest level as a state official even though he was not a politician and a public representative. Majority of people are well aware of the outcome of his service as defence secretary and secretary to the ministry of urban development, Rajapaksa said. 

Under the present government, the rule of law has not been properly established and unfairly imposed on people, he said, stressing that it is quite humourous that his rival being a minister of the same government makes promises to establish rule of law.  

The IGP's claim that the law could be bent and that the senior officials of the Attorney General's Department acknowledging that law could be made and broken were the best evidence that the rule of law has been torn apart, Rajapaksa added.