Islamist separatists behind the Thai massacre

Islamist separatists behind the Thai massacre

8 November 2019 07:04 pm

Thai police say rebel Islamist militants are behind the deadly attack that broke the peace in the southern Muslim community in Thailand's south.

The rebel separatist group Barisan Revolusi Nasional: BRN opened fire on a checkpoint in Yala, southern Thailand on the night of November 5, killing 15 people and causing severe tension in the area.

Earlier it was reported that the dead included civilians as well as rural volunteer gaurds. International media have reported that the deadly attack was the worst massacre in the history of Thailand. Thousands of people have died in the face of Muslim separatist riots in Thailand, where the majority of the Malay-Muslim community is present.

However, the organization has not yet officially claimed responsibility for the attack on November 5. The Thai police have arrested one suspect and upon interrogation it has been revealed that he was a member of the Barison Revoluci Nacional.

According to Reuters earlier in August, Baron's Revoluci Nasional had a secret meeting with the government of Thailand and the government had refused to release the prisoners.