Where is the ICC letter disclosing corruption leveled against Thilanga Sumathipala?

Where is the ICC letter disclosing corruption leveled against Thilanga Sumathipala?

8 November 2019 04:34 pm

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has sent a letter to the Minister of Sports in stating that Mr. Thilanga Sumathipala is involved in corruption and crimes, Minister Arjuna Ranatunga disclosed in Parliament on Thursday (07). The letter has been sent to the ministry on on October 03, he said. 

The ICC had revealed through the letter that Mr. Thilanga Sumathipala had been involved in gambling and betting business since the 90s, Ranatunga told the Chambers. The ICC in its letter also had disclosed that Sumathipala is involved in irregularities and obtaining commissions in match fixing and transferring broadcasting rights, the Minister further said. 

Ranatunga revealing that the ICC letter cites a 'Glen Falmer' questioned Thilanga Sumathipala whether he had affiliations with such person, to which in response Sumathipala had said that he did know him, however denied corporation upon not being aware of the existence of such letter. 

Sumathipala has been appointed by Mahinda Rajapaksa together with the joint opposition to represent the Parliament Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE) to probe irregularities and corruptions of public institutions, the Minister said, quoting that 'thieves have been appointed to prove theft'. 

Ranatunga also said that the current administration of the Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) is a victim of this corrupt person and asked the Sports Minister to dismiss the corrupt persons engaged in its administration. The letter tendered by the ICC should also be taken before law for proceedings, he urged the Sports Minister.

Harin Fernando, Minister of Sports, joining the parliamentary debate, stated that the ICC forwarded this letter to him, confirming the truth to the events disclosed by Minister Ranatunga. Fernando also said that he has made arrangements to forward the letter to the SLC querying its chairman of the events and acknowledged that a low profile has been maintained on the letter.