Brexit was biggest disaster since WW2, says John Bercow

Brexit was biggest disaster since WW2, says John Bercow

7 November 2019 02:26 pm

Former Speaker of UK House of Commons John Barkow said Brexit was Britain's biggest mistake since World War II. He stressed that pro-Brexit MPs had occasionally accused him of acting unilaterally during his tenure as Speaker in British Parliament.

He made these comments during a speech at the Foreign Press Association on the occasion of his retirement.

He said he respected Prime Minister Boris Johnson but did not believe that leaving the European Union would ever have a positive outcome for Britain. He emphasized that he was not behind the failure to ratify Brexit in Parliament, and that the situation had arisen in the opinion of lawmakers.

During his tenure as speaker, he made a great sacrifice to make the voices of the backbenchers more vocal, thereby addressing urgent issues in Parliament.

However, in recent years he has also been accused of allowing rebel backbenchers like Dominic Greve and Hillary Benn by bending laws and thereby allowing them to limit government maneuvers.

He said his responsibility was to protect the rights of all parliamentary representatives, not one party.

He has held the position of Speaker for a decade in the British Parliament and with his resignation, in addition, he hopes to publish a book on his political life and play a role in the after-dinner speaking circle.