Rugby World Cup Final: England Vs. South Africa

Rugby World Cup Final: England Vs. South Africa

28 October 2019 02:19 pm

The Rugby World Cup 2019 which was started with the 1st match between the host Japan Vs. Russia has now come to its final battle: it has been narrowed down from 20 countries to 2, England Vs. South Africa.

The 1st semi final which was held on 26th October between England and New Zealand ended 19-7 by the victory of England  while the 2nd semi final which was held yesterday 27th October  between Wales and South Africa. It was quite a game, but Wales had to return home, 16-19.

England and South Africa will be playing for the final trophy on Saturday 02nd November at Yokohoma.

The two teams, England and South Africa has met in the final game in the Rugby World Cup 2007, at the Stade de France, Saint-Denis, Paris. South Africa beat England 15-6. Having also won the 1995 tournament, South Africa became the second country to win two World Cups, following Australia, who won in 1991 and 1999. And England has taken the trophy home only once; in 2003

If South Africa could win the final this year, they will be co- determined as one of the 2 countries that have won the most number of World Cups in the history. And they will be sharing the honor with New Zealand. The experts say final game will be so competitive that England and New Zealand are been ranked first and second respectively in the world rugby rankings.

New Zealand and Wales will be playing to determine the third place of the tournament on 01st November.

It is very remarkable that Japan being the host nation of the Rugby World Cup 2019 was unbeatable up to the Quarter Finals which they played against South Africa on 20th October 3-26