TNA’s stance on the coming Polls?

TNA’s stance on the coming Polls?

21 October 2019 06:02 pm

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA), the main political representative of the Tamil people of the North and East, has not yet reached a final decision on the presidential election.

Five political parties in the North representing the TNA have written to the main presidential candidates in a 13-bulleted letter and no candidate has so far agreed to their terms, according to these political parties. 

Of the five political parties, Mr. Suresh Premachandran's EPRLF Party and former Chief Minister of Northern Province CV Vigneswaran's Tamil People's Alliance have now reached an alternative decision. The two parties are of the view that if no presidential candidate agrees to the 13 issues, another action should be taken.

They have discussed to boycott the presidential race and to boycott all presidential rallies in the North, according to reports. 

If the presidential contenders are not prepared to reply to the letter on whether they would accept the terms or otherwise, it would mean that they are prepared to forget the Tamil people in the North, Mr. Premachandran and Mr. Vigneswaran said.

Accordingly, some political parties in the North are likely to boycott the presidential election, which in turn will affect the vote base of the two main presidential candidates as well as alternative candidates.

On the other hand, the refusal of people in the North amidst a pubic referendum to choose the country's leader would adversely affect Sri Lanka in the international arena as well as in the coming Polls.