New Country by Ajantha! (VIDEO)

New Country by Ajantha! (VIDEO)

18 October 2019 10:20 pm

Presidential candidate Dr. Ajantha Perera said that the biggest problem in the country at present is the ethnic crisis and there are people who are smiling at each other but suffering in their hearts.

She made these sentiments speaking at a press conference held in Colombo today (18).

She is contesting from Sri Lanka Socialist Party for the upcoming presidential election. 

The development that has taken place in Colombo should be shifted to the North to change this situation, Dr. Ajantha Perera pointed out. 

Accordingly, Vavuniya should be developed as parallel as the capital city of Colombo while Jaffna is to be developed and Puttalam area on the other side should be developed as well, she said.

Speaking further, she stressed that after she assumes Office, issues related to nation and religion will be solved and bring society to the level of Sri Lankans.

She also spoke of abolishing the Executive Presidency and the abolition of the electoral system.
If the Executive Presidency is to be abolished, she is prepared to bring about a change in the country's system, Dr. Perera said.

However, the President's biggest challenge is how to boost the economy of the people, she pointed out.

Attorney-at-Law Nagananda Kodituwakku and former Auditor General Sarath Mayadunne were also present in the occasion.

Kodithuwakku said that his support would be given to Ms. Ajantha Perera and that he would support her through Jana Sammatha constitution.