Is entrusting Sarath Fonseka with National Security enough? (VIDEO)

Is entrusting Sarath Fonseka with National Security enough? (VIDEO)

17 October 2019 01:51 pm

Following the aftermath of the Easter Sunday attacks, national security has become the trendiest hot topic in presidential election stage.  

The common challenge lies before the two major contestants is convincing the public on how national security should be established. 

Sajith Premadasa, presidential nominee of New Democratic Alliance accordingly pubically acknowledged that he under his government would establish national security by entrusting Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka with the responsibility.  

There is no debate on Mr. Fonseka's role as Army Commander in his journey to victory over the 30-year war and as a person whose superiority in the subject matter is flawless. 

But can Sarath Fonseka alone be responsible for national security? Can Sarath Fonseka be entrusted with safeguarding the national security, the heart of the land?  

Speaking to LNW, Deshakeerthi Lanka Puthra Major General Doctor Boniface Perera, another superior in subject matter, said that the lone appointment of MP Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka as Minister of Defence does not guarantee national security. 

Maj. Gen. Dr. Boniface Perera stressed out that national security does not mean firing a gun or capturing terrorists. He explained that national security is an umbrella term that covers a large area and can be identified by the methodology adopted on the victory of the 30-year war. 

The victory of war was a reality in the face of being turned into a people's war led by military, he pointed out.
 Major General Dr. Boniface Perera also that the political leadership provided by him at this meeting cannot be ignored.

"When Kilinochchi was apprehended, three powerful men from India pressured Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa in a threatening tune to stop the war. But Mahinda did not fall. His response was may you invade our country if necessary, I will not be taking back the step I put forward.'

If the political leadership was not strong enough back then, the war could have never won," he explained. 

Therefore, political leadership and public support are crucial to national security, Maj. Gen. Dr. Boniface Perera emphasized.