80 percent voter turnout favourable for Presidential Candidate Sajith Premadsa?

80 percent voter turnout favourable for Presidential Candidate Sajith Premadsa?

17 October 2019 01:07 pm

Chairman of Election Commission Mahinda Deshapriya says the upcoming Presidential Election will exceed 80 percent of voter turnout.

He stated this addressing a press conference organized by the Election Commission this morning (16).

It is also reported that the Sri Lankans residing in foreign countries, who are eligible to exercise their franchise in the election, are also getting ready to purchase air tickets to return to the island just for this purpose, he said.

He also urged the public servants, officers of police and tri-forces not to engage in election campaigns during their woring hours.

In the mean time NDF Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa has a daunting task of keeping at least 90 percent of  6.2 million anti Rajapaksa voters and around 500,000 Tamil and Muslim voters in the North and East intact, political observers revealed.

80 percent voter turnout will be favourble for NDF Presidential candidate Sajith Premadsa, they claimed considering facts and figures.

His next and very important endeavor would be to win the majority of 5 million floating votes including 1.2 million new votes, they claimed.

The another important factor is to maintain the voting percentage to over 70 percent in all electorates and win the confidence of the majority of voting population in  all constituencies, one political observer said. 

He noted that if a large number Tamil and Muslim voters boycott presidential elections then the NDF candidate will have to poll one more than half of 10.8 million votes that counts around 5.4 million to win the elections hands down.

This will not be an easy task he said adding that a well organized house to house vote canvassing by using small teams of well educated youths to explain the policies of NDF candidate while outlining the past corrupt and brutal back ground of Gotabaya Rajapksa is now essential to take the lead in presidential race.

Holding pocket meetings along with mass rallies at village and regional level will help to over take the SLPP candidate who has taken lead by chanting national security slogan, he pointed out. noting that if Sajith Premadsa is failed intensify his grass root election campaign then it will be very difficult to beat his opponent.