UK Labour MP Ellman tenders resignation after 55 years!

UK Labour MP Ellman tenders resignation after 55 years!

17 October 2019 10:06 am

British MP Louise Ellman has decided to resign from the Labour Party leaving her 55-year-old party membership.

In a tweet on Wednesday (16), Louise Ellman announced that she would quit the British Labour Party, saying she could not bear the risk that the Labor Party was taking to appoint opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn as premier.

Louise Ellman, who was elected to the British Parliament in 1997, quit the Labour Party, but said in her tweet that she would continue to serve people in Liverpool Riverside. 

She also said she would not join any other political party.

She also criticized Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn's antisemitic policy. She said that the antisemitic behaviour of the Labour Party has long been a source of discrimination and marginalization for the Jewish community, and that Corbyn was responsible for it.

Louise Elman was one of the oldest and most senior members of the British Labour Party.