Presidential candidate Sajith to gain advantage from opponent’s weakness

Presidential candidate Sajith to gain advantage from opponent’s weakness

14 October 2019 01:05 pm

Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa is now catching up his main contestant Gotabaya Rajapaksa  who has taken an early lead in foul start given by his brother defeated president Mahinda Rajapaksa to enter the race from SLPP formed by another brother Basil Rajapaksa popularly known as Mr. Commission, moderate political campaign monitors claimed.

They have observed a rift between the front line and grass root supporters of the SLFP and SLPP as both parties now at cold war in fighting to get high positions and portfolios in a future SLPP administration if they elected to power in the next general elections.

If the disgruntled SLFP front line and grass root supporters at village level supporters in large numbers extend their support to Sajith Premadasa, then it would be the end of the relaxation period of Gotabaya hoping to bank on SLFP and UPFA votes after Elpitiya pradeshiya sabah victory, political analysts said. 

The next step of the National Democratic Front (NDF) on behalf of the party candidate should to enter into clear understanding with the TNA and other Tamil parties as much as possible, (The SLMC and hill country Tamil parties are already within the NDF), they suggested.

Sajith has several winning factors at the moment in comparison to his main rival contestant - one is his age of 52 years, 18 years younger than Gotabaya who is now 70 and his political experience of over 25 years to nil of Gotabaya.

There is doubt as to whether Gotabaya could bear the responsibility of the head of state without political experience and with his ill health.

Gotabaya is currently facing around 70 allegations of financial misappropriations and irregularities. But Sajith Premadsa has no such track record. 

There is a possibility of Sajith Premadasa ending the presidential race victoriously if the majority of other Anti Gotabaya contestants wisely advice their supporters to cast the second preference vote in fvaour of Sajith in defense of democracy and in preventing GR coming into power.