Sajith’s Campaign Office lacks commitment?

Sajith’s Campaign Office lacks commitment?

14 October 2019 09:44 am

UNP's presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa has repeatedly stated in his rallies that he is already working from 4.00 am to 12.00 am.

However, his headquarters in Vauxhall Street closes at 9.30 pm, reports say.

Generally, once a presidential campaign is officially declared, it is essential and proper to have a major party's main election campaign office open 24 hours a day, to monitor and coordinate the campaign throughout the country.

However, Sajith's Campaign Office believes otherwise, as they are already in the mentality that Polls have already been won, sources said. 

Top officials at this operational site are already chitchatting about their titles following Sajith Premadasa's victory and not the crucial propaganda work to be done in the remaining 31 days, sources closer to the Campaign Office said. 

Positive attitude and victorious mentality in the midst of an election is unarguably a good thing, nonetheless, the Campaign Office at Vauxhall Street has already been ridiculed by the Party for their overestimation of what is to come, according to sources.