Sri Lanka government mulls to devise National security strategy

Sri Lanka government mulls to devise National security strategy

9 October 2019 12:35 pm

Sri Lanka government is mulling to devise National security strategy in the wake of Easter terror attacks, official sources said.

A national security strategy based on a sound national security policy (NSS/NSP) will be crafted to deal with specific security challenges, a senior defense ministry official said.

Measures will also be taken to strengthen Strategic Defence Communication Network which was halted midway.

With the objective of providing continued and secured alternative communication network similar to the modern communication system existed between the zones of tri forces.

The Strategic Defence Communications Network consisting of 37 microwave links connecting 22 terminal points in the island wide had been planned to complete under the mid-term expenditure framework implemented during the period from 2014 to 2016 .

However, the term of the Project had been extended upto 2018. Further the initial estimated cost of Rs 1,192 million had been revised as Rs 1,854 million without obtaining the approval from relevant parties.

It was observed that 22 electricity generators including generators procured and installed at a cost of Rs.15.70 million in 2016 and other 12 generators procured at a cost of Rs 10.80 million in 2017 had remained idle at the premises without being utilized for intended purposes and expiring the guarantee periods, an audit inspection revealed.