Burqa - Niqab ban lifted!

Burqa - Niqab ban lifted!

20 September 2019 11:46 pm

The ban on Muslim women wearing burqa and niqab following the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks under the emergency regulations has been lifted, Police Headquarters informed. 

Since the emergency regulations were lifted, the ban on the said women's wear has also been lifted.

A letter addressed to Muslim Religious Affairs Minister M.H.A. Haleem sent by Deputy Inspector General of Police Ajith Rohana, says the Muslim women cannot be barred from wearing the burqa and the niqab as the emergency regulations are no longer in force. 

Following the Easter Sunday attacks, panic among the public that weaning the burqa / niqab in public places may pose a threat was created, while some people expressed objection towards women who were wearing these clothes. Some institutes installed notice censoring wearing the burqa and the niqab into their buildings.   

DIG Ajith Rohana in his letter to the minister emphasizes that no such action against Muslim women who are wearing these clothes can be taken henceforth.