Sri Lanka Cricket malpractices and deficiencies exposed

Sri Lanka Cricket malpractices and deficiencies exposed

15 September 2019 03:48 pm

Sri Lanka Cricket malpractices and deficiencies have been exposed in financial statements presented to Auditor General.

The accounts department of the country’s sole governing body for cricket has not been able to submit Fixed Assets Register and certificates of physical verification of fixed assets for the year 2017/2018 for Audit Inspection, officials said.

As such, the existence of fixed assets valued at Rs.4,249.70 million and the accuracy of their value could not be confirmed due to the failure to submit relevant documents and files.


Contract agreements, letters of assumption of duties and dates of commencement of works and dates on which works should be completed, had not been made available to Audit.

As such, the accuracy of the value of work-in -progress totaling Rs.240.99 million shown in the financial statements relating to the year under review could not be confirmed, senior government auditor claimed.

The Sri Lanka Cricket Institute had failed to identify and settle the advances totaling Rs.5.85 million paid since the year 2013 up to the year under review, he said.

Even though advances of Rs.58.27 million had been paid to sports associations during the period from the year 2008 to the year 2017 for conducting cricket tournaments , the Sri Lanka Cricket had failed to settle and account those advances even by the end of the year under review, he added.