Mahajana Sampatha Rankirula 4000

Mahajana Sampatha Rankirula 4000

12 September 2019 10:10 pm

The Mahajana Sampatha Rankirula 4000th raw has been successfully held on the 6th of September at Sooriyawewa Police Stadium with the participation of a large number of crowds. 

The National Lottery Board (NLB) was able to give away many gifts to customers, dealers and salesmen, as unforgettable as in the history of lottery.

The Toyota Rush SUV worth of Rs. 8.7 million, the Toyota wigo, the Bajaj Threewheeler, 125CC motorcycle and ladies' motorcycles were awarded in the event. 

Over Rs. 64,355,460 of cash have been distributed among people with having 646,107 winners, among whom there were two millionaires with Rs. 2 million, 17 millionaires with Rs. 1 million, 22 winners of hundred thousands rupees, two iPhone winners and 146 winners of gold coins. 

The NLB wishes to thank all Sri Lankans who joined, supported and enjoyed their 16-day sales promotion from Yapa Patune to Sooriyawewa.