World Suicide Prevention Day is today!

World Suicide Prevention Day is today!

10 September 2019 11:30 am

The World Suicide Prevention Day is today. It is an awareness day observed on September 10 every year in order to provide worldwide support and commitment to prevent suicides among people. 

The date was recognized since 2003.

The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) collaborates it the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) to host the World Suicide Prevention Day. 

An estimated one million people per year die by suicide or about one person in 10,000 people, or estimated as a death every 40 seconds.


Why do people commit suicide?

Suicide can be defined as an attempt to take over one's life by themselves as an indication that something is gravely wrong in their lives. Suicide is a desperate attempt to escape the unbearable suffering. Can talking about suicide make a person more likely to try it? Well, actually opposite. Ignoring the problem hoping that would go away may the person feel even more isolated and misguided. 

Suicide can result from mental instability, or perhaps diagnosed illness. Other risk factors include the recent loss of a loved one or a job, a failure of achieving something in life (marriage), a dire medical condition, and more importantly, lack of social support. 

Risk groups

According to a study by the US, older people, age of 65 and older, have the highest suicide rates of any age group. Untreated depression, death of loved ones, a bankruptcy of a company, a chronic medical condition or loneliness can be contributing factors. 

Suicide is the third-leading cause of death of people of age 15 - 24. 20% of death annually among this age group is of suicide. Depression, alcohol or substance abuse, traumatic experiences in life, bullying or harassment, or exposure to other people of the group who have committed suicide can be contributing factors.  

The study also revealed that men are 4 times likely to commit suicide than women. However, women do attempt suicide about 2 - 3 times as often as men. Men who are of age 85 and over have the highest tendency to commit suicide.


Signs to watch for

Suicidal people at most cases give some sign of their intentions. These symptoms may indicate a person is at high risk for committing suicide. They often project verbal suicidal threats, like, "You'd better be off without me," or "If I die, everyone will be happy." People with suicidal thoughts are also lack of interest in their future life plans. Referring to an end in which he or she does not see a bright future, or a success, is evident in most cases. In a possible future attempt of suicide, people may isolate themselves from their family or friends, or at a tendency to increase withdrawal from the social circle they live in. Sometimes people express unbearable feelings, or hopelessness in life by using any communication platform, in today's context social media, thus may indicative he or she is suicidal.


Giving away

Suicidal people are evident to have giving away their most precious or prized possessions to people, or friends. Amidst a thought of taking their life away, they come to view that giving away their most valuable items or possessions to those around them, as "personal/social responsibility" before death would be adequate. They may also heed good-bye to family and friends via letter, or in today's context - the social media. 


Can suicide be prevented?

It can. The best prevention is to treat the underlying causes affecting the suicidal thoughts. If someone is depressed, or is a substance abuser for an instance, treating the disorder would help to prevent the irrational thoughts of being malignant over the realm of thinking. The progress can be frozen if accurate treatment is affixed during early indications. 

Medication along with counselling have been shown successful to be the best methods of treatment. Recognizing the warning signs and seeking early help would help to save people from ever being suicidal.