Hong Kong protesters’ demands ignored by government

Hong Kong protesters’ demands ignored by government

20 August 2019 01:45 pm

Despite the efforts of estimated 1.7 million Hong Kong citizens made over the extradition bill, the Hong Kong government has avoided the demands, foreign reports said.  

Hong Kong’s citizens are still waiting for the government to respond after the demonstration on Sunday (18), the city's largest rally, which ended peacefully with no authorial interference.

This was the 11th week of demonstrations since the events of June, in which mass clashes between the citizens and the police had taken place. 

On Sunday, people from all parts of society had called for a peaceful and non-violent demonstration in the city hoping for a response from the government.

However, no response has yet been received neither an action has been taken by the government, reports said. 

Hong Kong police last week banned the organizers from holding the march from Victoria Park to Charter Road in Central.