Bathiudeen swindled Rs 5,000 mn from Sathosa: D.V.Chanaka

Bathiudeen swindled Rs 5,000 mn from Sathosa: D.V.Chanaka

12 July 2019 10:48 am

Rishad Bathiudeen, when he served as the Minister of Industry and Commerce, swindled Rs 50,000 lakhs (5,000 million) from Sathosa, Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) MP D.V. Chanaka said.

According to MP Chanaka, in April 2015, the former minister had imported 100,000 metric tons of rice even though Sathosa had 80,000 metric tons of rice in stores. The imported rice had been kept in port’s warehouses for a period of 15 months, he alleged, adding that Rs 352 milllion had been paid as warehouse charges for the same period.

Afterwards, claiming that the imported rice was not suitable for human consumption, the rice was sold at a price of Rs 38 per kilo, even though it was originally imported at a price of Rs 70 per kilo, he added. Consequently, Sathosa suffered a loss of Rs 2,500 million, he revealed.

He further stated he had lodged a complaint with the Bribery Commission in this regard.  

MP Chanaka made this statement yesterday (11) addressing a media briefing organized by SLPP.