Railway employees at attempt to launch another strike action

Railway employees at attempt to launch another strike action

11 July 2019 06:39 pm

Reportedly, the Railway Department employees are preparing to launch another strike action, over arbitrarily recruiting employees while 750 casual employees were left off without being appointed into permanent cadre. 

The railway trade unions said these employees have been working under casual, contract, or substitute basis for over five years, and neglecting their service, another group of people have been recruited into permanent cadre. 

The trade unions allege that the authorities are trying to appoint these people into jobs on political grounds.

The railway trade unions also emphasized that they do not oppose if the employees working under contract, casual, or substitute basis are set for permanent cadre, while additional recruits are taken in in keeping with positions vacant, however, calling-in recruits on political grounds only provokes strike actions.   

The trade unions have asked the subject minister Arjuna Ranatunga to discuss the matter and they point out that if the issue is not resolved, they will have to go on strike.