No two criminal laws in the country (Video)

No two criminal laws in the country (Video)

11 July 2019 03:35 pm

Former Minister Rauff Hakeem emphasized that an individual cannot be penalized over an offence not mentioned in the Penal Code.

He made this statement yesterday (10) at the Parliament Select Committee session.

Secretary to the Ministry of Education, Nihal Ranasinghe, had also been summoned by the select committee yesterday to inquire about controversial teachings in Islam textbooks with regard to sentencing offenders according to the Islam religion. Commissioner General of the Educational Publications Department, Nihal Ranasinghe, was also present to testify regarding subject matters.

The select committee summoned the Secretary to the Education Ministry after a person named Rishwin Ismath made a controversial statement regarding the contents of Islam textbooks issued by the Education Ministry.

Testifying before the select committee, Jayantha Wickramanayake said the controversial parts in textbooks have been amended in the 2013 new print.