I wasn’t aware of the risk of Easter attack (Video)

I wasn’t aware of the risk of Easter attack (Video)

19 June 2019 01:34 pm

Officer-In-Charge of Kaththankudy Police M.P. Kasthuriarachchi testifying at the Special Parliament Select Committee said he was not aware of the Easter Sunday attack.

The Kaththankudy OIC emphasized he was not aware of the attack until the bombing took place, and that when a foreign spy service had forewarned the Sri Lankan government of the attacks since April 4th, none of the senior Police Officers informed him in this regard.

Mr. Kasthuriarachchi said up to the point of the attack, Kaththankudy was a peaceful place, and no acts of terrorism were ever reported, except ones that have been accounted to religious conflicts.

Although there were conversations about lectures conducted on advocating extremism, no complaints had been received in this regard, the OIC added.

The Kaththankudy OIC went on to say that Zahran Hashim and his brothers Rilvan and Ami Mohodin had fled from the area since the events of March 10, 2017, and no reports had ever been received in regard to a comeback.

However, in response to the Committee’s questioning that there are intelligence reports verifying their return to Kaththankudy in secrecy to visit their wives, Mr. Kasthuriarachchi said that the local residents definitely would have complained to the Police if they ever had returned to the area.


The Special Committee also questioned the OIC about the disregard of the long-argued helmet law in Kaththankudy area.  

In response, he said that he taught Kaththankudy of the helmet law.